Ballarat Plasters

Armstrong ceiling tiles, Ballarat

Ideal for commercial ceilings and refurbishments

Armstrong ceiling tiles are the ideal choice for new commercial buildings, as well as refurbishments. They can be fitted using exposed or concealed steel grids, which makes hanging the tiles a breeze.

Because they are hung in grids they are an extremely cost-effective solution as they can be dismounted during a renovation or taken with you if you move. The grid and tiles can then be re-hung for ultimate convenience.

Commercial ceiling tiles don’t have to be bland. Armstrong ceiling tiles come in a variety of shapes, colours and materialsĀ to create a ceiling you’ll be happy to look up to. We can suspend convex tiles for an impressive look, or hang rectangle tiles for a more streamlined look.

Armstrong ceiling tiles are suitable for a range of industries, including education, health care, hospitality, sports clubs and venues, manufacturing plants, office buildings, retail shops and even transportation!

Tiles are available with high-absorption acoustic features which are ideal for lecture theatres, auditoriums and noisy offices. Our professional staff will provide advice about which Armstrong products will best suit your needs. Please contact us to discuss your industry, we will help you choose theĀ plaster products to complete your next project. Our services include commercial plastering so you can be assured of a professional finish.