Ballarat Plasters

Unitex Uni-Base Board suppliers, Ballarat

Ballarat Associated Fibrous Plasters is the authorised agent for the Unitex Uni–Base Board lightweight cladding system. Using specially treated polystyrene insulation panels as a base for the Unitex formulated polymer render, Uni-Base Boards provides a cost-effective alternative for rendered finishes as well as offering excellent insulation properties to help achieve energy rating requirements.

Uni-Base Board was used to build the Ballarat Associated Fibrous Plasters facility. The images below show the stages of construction  with the Uni-Base Board in use.

Uni-Base Board is extremely simple to install meaning the construction of your home or commercial establishment can move from frame to lock-up very quickly. It also provides a flat, even surface to help achieve a smooth-rendered finish.

The professional tradespeople at Ballarat Associated Fibrous Plasters can do the job for you or are happy to advise you when using Unitex in your next construction job. Please contact us for a step-by-step guide on how to use Unitex Uni-Base Board. For more information on Unitex Uni-Base Board cladding, including sheet sizes and the cladding installation manual, please visit the Unitex website.