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What is solid plastering?

July 29 2014 solid plastering ballarat

Solid plastering is the process of applying plaster products so they are completely sealed, weatherproof and levelled, ready to paint. It is the most professional form of plastering and we provide this as a service for commercial and domestic clients in Ballarat and district. The benefits of solid plastering includes:

  • Sound-proofing/acoustic benefits
  • Weatherproofing, to prevent moisture and mould developing
  • Fire-resistance
  • Streamlined, tidy look which is ready to paint in your desired colour – edges and angles straight and joined smoothly.

From plasterboards through to ceiling roses, a qualified solid plasterer will ensure every join is smooth and every angle is straight. Employing a professional will ensure it is done right the first time and you do not need to worry about preventable moisture, mildew, mould or sound pollution! For solid plastering services in Ballarat, please contact us.