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PartiWALL® suppliers in Ballarat

Ballarat Associated Fibrous Plasters are your PartiWALL® systems suppliers in Ballarat. PartiWALL® systems were developed as a cost-effective, fast, efficient and simple way of building dividing walls in the multi-residential marketplace. This smart and fast solution comprises a timber frame twin-wall system that includes 25mm fire-resistant plasterboard panels slotted into light-gauge steel H-studs within the wall cavity. This configuration makes it easy to install service penetrations and maintain the fire rating.

The systems allow for design flexibility in both medium and high-density construction. Boral PartiWALL® allows for various acoustical scenarios ranging from Rw 49 (standard 10mm plasterboard either side with 14kg/m3 insulation to one side) to Rw 56 which requires the installation of 13mm Boral SoundSTOP® either side and 14kg/m3 insulation, also to both sides.

Overall, PartiWALL® makes the whole job simpler and more cost-effective. The system is easily and quickly installed, other trades can work without having to seal up any penetrations made in the final wall and ceiling linings and the plastering job is simplified as plasterers only have to work with 10mm plasterboard. PartiWALL® – cost-effective and efficient partitioning walls for apartment buildings and a multitude of multi-residential purposes.

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CinemaZone® suppliers in Ballarat

When looking to install a home cinema we are the premium suppliers and advisers of CinemaZone® in Ballarat. When you sit back to enjoy your home theatre system, the last thing you want to hear is a truck rumbling down the street or a dog barking in the background. Nor do you want the other family members and neighbours to be disturbed by the sound of your high-performance audio-visual equipment. CinemaZone® acoustic walls and ceilings were developed to solve this problem.

The first system of its kind, Boral CinemaZone® incorporates Boral’s SoundStop™ plasterboard and other products specifically designed for sound isolation. The system design takes into consideration such building details as floor and wall coverings, size and location of windows and doors, lighting and ventilation to achieve audio-visual quality from the ground up.

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